The twenty-first-century human is a distracted creature, lullabied into a near-constant state of comfortable inaction by the millions of hours of entertainment at our fingertips. What if we all decided to step away from our screens for a day, or a month, or a season, and just pay attention to the patterns of nature? Adopting a mode of understanding that was commonplace only a few centuries ago would constitute an act of truly radical prioritization now. If we paid close enough attention, maybe the natural, shifting harmonics of the ever-changing world would enchant us past the point of ever being able to abuse it so callously again.

Here I use photo layering to evoke a sense of moving or melting in response to what we might hear if we chose to listen differently.



Adventures in narration.

Bliss, 2020

My bliss
is to be out in the still woods, bathed in warm light and birdsong, surrounded by a million trembling leaves, drunk on the unbearable softness of spring blossoms.

This is how I want to die,
letting myself dissolve into a sunbeam, returning to the cycle 

m o l e c u l e     b y       m   o   l   e   c   u   l   e

fading into the great, ever blooming oneness.

Rhythm, 2018
Flow, 2018