Triostar Stromanthe 1

acrylic, 2022
12 x 16″

Lemon Branch 1

acrylic, 2021
12 x 9″

acrylic, 2020

This piece was developed as part of a portrait exchange with Vietnamese painting student collaborators.

Through muted color and loose, expressive strokes, the figure breaks through her alienation and loneliness to confront the viewer.


acrylic, 2020

Not a symbol of evil, but a contemplation on the search for truth and equality. Based on a provocative effort by the activist religious group The Satanic Temple to preserve the First Amendment guarantee of separation between religion and government.

Read about the statue and its mission here and here.

Earth Forest

acrylic, 2019

Earth Forest represents one of my deepest fears and most profound sadnesses: the idea that the exploitative socioeconomic practices of today will rob future generations of their birthright to engage with gloriously wild nature.

Viewers are invited to share in the perspective of the painted figures and imagine a future in which our grandchildren’s experience of nature is limited to secondhand recreations and representations.