Multispecies Ethnography Zine

Cultural anthropology is the study of humans and the ways they live, express themselves, and relate to each other and the world. But humans are not the only living species. Our world is full of Other beings whose lives mingle with our own. We love them, fear them, eat them, eradicate them, breed them, train them, raise them, study them, use them as symbols to represent abstract ideas.

What happens if we turn an anthropological lens toward these Others?

Created in fall 2022.

On Belonging to Land

Created for the spring 2022 issue of Critical Visions, produced in partnership between the Department of Anthropology and the DAAP School of Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati. Color treatments developed for print on the risograph.

Podcast Episode on White Violence & Morality

Produced for the 2021 Exploring Greenwood: Race, Place, and Violence podcast project at UNC Chapel Hill

Most of us in America believe ourselves to be good people, yet our country’s history is marred by consistent acts of racial violence and terrorism like the Tulsa Massacre. How can we reconcile our moral self-conception with the reality of our violent past? In this difficult episode, we look to the historical record for clues about how white understandings of sociality and identity led to one of the most devastating massacres in American history. We’ll also look for insights from modern scholarly research into how people’s racial ideas influence and are influenced by cultural forces as we grapple with a tough question:

How and why might modern, moral Americans be reproducing racial violence today, possibly without even realizing it?