I did not set out to make art about nature, but it turns out I am a biophile: I am in love with life and its curved edges, its constantly renewing cycles. I occupy my artwork with its vibrant details. Natural shapes like roots and scales are jagged and imprecise at an individual level, but through repetition they are transformed into a texture: they become uniform as they dissolve into multiplicity, somehow perfect in their emergent patterning. I make plant portraits and crop them to abstraction. I create paintings of wild things. I use digital collage to whisper hints of surreality.

Specificity is next to godliness, and making representational art requires careful attention to detail. My art creates a space to slow down and focus, a space for me to use my eyes and hands and gently allow my racing thoughts to relax. My practice is a way to meditate on the ineffable ethical and aesthetic experience of nature, a way for me to channel my obsession with the changing qualities of light, the infiniteness of imperfect pattern, the physicality of texture. My work tends toward the experimental: my painting is gestural, my photography is aesthetically reductive or else pursues unexpected narratives.

My art seeks to capture some emotionally resonant truth in spite of the abstraction I’m drawn to employ. Viewers are invited to engage with gloriously wild nature, and maybe to reimagine how the web of life could operate if we don’t take for granted that humans always have to be at the top of the hierarchy.

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